About KGGC

About (KGGC)

Khanzada Global Group of Companies

Khanzada Global Group of Companies are have many years of experience on the import and export of agricultural products. Khanzada Global Dry Fruit Company employs over 100 people workers in the main factory located in Kabul, Afghanistan. We work alongside with our partners, farmers, manufacturers, retailers, government, and producers to ensure the best quality of agricultural products are being made and delivered.

Our company

Our company is equipped with wide range of machineries, cold storage facilities, warehouses, and lands that allows us provide large quantities of
products to our clients in a short period of time. We work and negotiate alongside with our clients so we can provide them best quality of products with the best offer.

Our objective

Our objective is to bring the taste of Afghan dry fruits for people living across the world and create a vibrant market for Afghanistan’s best quality dry fruits in other countries.

Our competitive edge

Khanzada Global Company has an edge over other dried fruits exporters of Afghanistan. What sets us apart from the other exporters is:
1: We have capacity to fulfill big orders as we source our products from over 10,500 dried fruits cultivators
2: Our products go through stringent quality checks in our factories before they are packed for shipment.
3: We have the capacity to export dried fruits all over the globe
4: We supply and deliver our products in a time bound manner. This ensures clients satisfaction and retention.
5: We offer best quality products at competitive prices.
6: We have deep understanding and knowledge of Afghan and international dried fruits market.